Holocaust Facts Pictures History | Holocaust Facts History
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Holocaust Facts Pictures | Holocaust Facts History

Holocaust Facts Pictures | Holocaust Facts History

Holocaust Facts Pictures | Holocaust Facts History

History of the holocaustHolocaust Facts Pictures History

The emergence of the holocaust began with extremely nationalistic propaganda that was spread by the Nazi party. The meaning of the word Holocaust could be traced to Greece and means “sacrifice by fire”. In the wake of 1933, Nazi party soon controlled the German government and began to the implement what was referred to as “ethnic cleansing” in the form of the Holocaust. The Nazi government spread dreadful racial theories which included the obsessive view of Germany being a superior race and the Jews being sub-humans. The Nazis also felt a sense of urgency to exterminate the Jews whom they felt would jeopardize the purity of the German race.

While the Jews were the worst hit by the holocaust, the propaganda also focused on many other groups that were considered as lesser and unclean by the regime.

Implementing the HolocaustImplementing the Holocaust

At the time of the holocaust, Jews were scattered all over Europe with nearly ten million residents.  A significant number of the Jews in Europe had homes in Germany and other countries that were later controlled by the Nazi regime in the wake of world war two. The buildup of all of the racist propaganda by the Nazi regime soon gave rise to what they termed the “final solution”. The Nazi regime implemented what they termed the “final solution”, a genocide that exterminated more than two-third of Jews in Europe. While the Jews were the principal target of the racism, more than two hundred thousand Gypsies were murdered and about two hundred thousand Germans with psychological or bodily impairments in various health facilities were killed in an assisted-suicide plan.

Implementing the HolocaustWith the Nazi regime gaining ground throughout most parts of Europe, torture, enslavement and killings of countless people was executed at an alarming rate with impunity. Numerous Soviet prisoners of war were brutally killed while others were subjected to extremely harsh conditions which ultimately resulted in their deaths. Highbrow Polish were identified and murdered by the malicious regime while many soviets and polish were made to work in labor camps in Germany and Poland in dreadful circumstances. Quite naturally, most of them died due to the cruelty of the conditions. Homosexuals were detested and violently oppressed by the Nazi regime. Hatred for homosexuals also extended to people who did not comport themselves in compliance with set social standards. The German Police was a powerful instrument of the Nazi regime with a mandate to deal mercilessly with divergent political and religious factions like communists and Jehovah witnesses. Most people belonging to these groups were confined and executed indiscriminately.


The closing months of the holocaust


Originally, concentration camps were created by the National Socialist administration with the purpose of confining confirmed and suspected political and philosophical rivalries. However, the camps were used to imprison Jews, gypsies, Roma and other groups that were considered inferior by the regime in the period preceding the Second World War. During the war, the camps were used to confine and supervise the Jewish population which would be eventually deported. Germany and their allies made slums, forced labor camps, and transit camps were Jews were exposed the worst forms of treatment and condition. Captives that were not Jews were also held in labor camps and exploited by the Germans.

IMPLEMENTING THE “FINAL SOLUTION”In reaction to the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, Nazi death squads were mobilized to carryout genocide operations with the assistance of organized police personnel who were charged with the duty of exterminating the Jews, Roma, Soviet state and communist party members.  The collaborative efforts of German state security and police force with Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS annihilated over one million Jews with many other ethnic, religious and social groups that were hated by the Nazi regime. Jews were transported from all of the places controlled by German forces including countries that supported and formed alliance with Nazi Germany to extermination camps, were millions of Jews were massacred in specially designed gas chambers. There were many who successfully saved many Jews from death. Read about the unsung heroes here.

The closing months of the holocaustThe closing months of the holocaust

With the victory of the Allied liberation forces becoming inescapable, SS guards decided to expedite the massacre of the Jews through death marches to prevent them from being liberated.  The Allied forces continued to launch successive attacks on Germany and progressively seized former strongholds while running into camps and liberating captives and those on forced march from one camp to the other. Even with defeat becoming increasing unavoidable for the Nazi regime, the death marches were sustained until the day the malicious regime submitted totally to allied forces on May 7, 1945. While America declared Victory in Europe a day after the Nazi Government surrendered on the 8th of May, the soviets declared victory on the 9th.Auschwitz Prisoner Arrivals

Post holocaust events 

With the end of the holocaust, displaced camps were created by the allied authorities providing a place to stay for displaced people. Jews felt the need to go back to their homeland with many Jews returning home between 1948 and 1951. A staggering number of Jews totaling almost one million left Europe left for Israel. In addition to this, other displaced Jews moved to the United States with the last displaced camp shut down in 1957.

Holocaust Survivors arriving in Israel

The magnitude of atrocities committed against the Jews in the holocaust remains largely untold. Jews faced the worst torment imaginable with millions of Jews being massacred hopelessly in gas chambers. The holocaust shattered Jewish communities in Europe, while completely removing the existence of Jewish groups in Eastern Europe all together.

There are many Holocaust survivors that moved to countries in South America, the US, UK and Africa. Most of these Jews weren’t entitled to compensation from Europe. Most holocaust survivors had everything taken from them; their health and wealth. Most are very poor. You can help by donating. Your donation will help with clothes and food, and in some cases, a roof over their head.

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