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Yizkor Holocaust Memorial™ – YHM

The Hebrew word Yizkor translates to “May God Remember” the Millions of souls who suffered and perished in the Holocaust.

“YHM” was established to act as an International community not only for the people within the Jewish faith, but for all people who have love & passion in their hearts to remember and commemorate those dear souls who perished in the Holocaust and to give our utmost loving support and comfort to the surviving victims and their families by supporting them financially and physiologically. We provide grief counseling and coordinate the collection and distribution of food and clothing on behalf of survivors and their families. We also provide educational materials and programs in the field of holocaust remembrance.

“YHM” invites you to participate and join our community to remember and commemorate those dear souls to register your loved ones who perished or passed on. Or commemorate in your own special way by sparing your precious time one day in a year, to visit the elderly and the sick, give a helping hand to your friends on campus, hand out sweets or chocolates at children schools, etc. and please share it with us on Facebook, in order to follow your way of kindness.

“YHM” encourages you to volunteer to visit the survivors and their families, also by donating to YHM for food, clothes & shelter. Your money will help the survivors live their life with dignity.

We will always remember and commemorate those who perished or passed on, and give our love, respect and help to the survivors and their families. We will help tangibly with money and food, but also spiritually, with praying for the souls of the departed. In some cases whole families were killed, and some souls have no-one to pray for them. Here you can adopt a soul as well.

Welcome to the International Community of “YIZKOR” YHM!

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