Yizkor Holocaust Memorial™

Yizkor Holocaust Memorial is a charitable organization endorsed and supported by the entire Jewish community and is accepted as the Jewish Welfare Organization that comes to the need of Holocaust survivors and their families with food, clothing and shelter, all this is done in the most discreet manner, thus sparing recipients shame and embarrassment.

It is you the concerned members of the communities at large that make this possible with your kind-hearted donations.

We ask you to kindly continue your wholehearted support and make the difference in the lives of many struggling holocaust surviving families.

We here at Yizkor Holocaust Memorial™ help provide financial aid to Holocaust Survivors. Some are in desperate need of medicine, food, housing and some loving kindness from another human. Most are the only survivors of their families who were killed by the Nazis, a lot of them are the last remaining Jews in their village.

All are elderly Jews and in dire need of help. They are isolated and alone, and do not receive the World War II reparation funds that other Holocaust survivors receive from Germany.

An example is Haja Bednarski who is 90 years old. Born in Poland she now lives in Williamsburg. She is a Holocaust survivor.

Haja is lonely, even though she sees her son daily and who cares for her. In her kitchen, you will find used aluminum foil and a lot of paper plates. If she needs help, she uses a wristband. She can still vividly recall her experiences in world war 2. She shows shame when you ask her to show her tattooed number on her forearm.

Like many holocaust survivors, Haja is totally dependent on welfare. She depends on us to make her life bearable.

One fourth of approximately 140,000 holocaust survivors in America are living in poverty. More than half earn less than $20,000 per year. This means that more than a half of holocaust survivors in America live in poverty and can be classified as “near poor,” “poor” or “very poor.” This is a serious problem, one you need to help us solve.

How can you help Holocaust Survivors?

Yizkor Holocaust Memorial™ was launched on the 27th of January 2015 in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in Honor of those who perished, and out of Love for those who survived!

Read on to find out how you can help. Or watch the video.

Support the needy!

We encourage you to volunteer to visit the survivors and their families! Also donating to Yizkor Holocaust Memorial™ to provide food, clothes and shelter for the survivors who are still struggling after the war.

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